Pedro Rafael Gonzalez Chavajay
. Acción de Gracias
  [Giving thanks] This ritual, to give thanks for something, perhaps an abundant harvest, is being performed in Chichicastenago. The man kneeling before the stone face, Pascual Abaj, is a Maya priest from Chichicastenango. The woman with the flowers and the young girl, who also wear the traje (traditional dress) of  Chichicastenango, are assisting him. The kneeling woman and the man behind her wear the traje of Nahualá, so they would be the people who came to have this ceremony performed.
. Oil on canvas. 2007, 39.5"n x 29.5"w
  Stretched: $3000.00 Because of its size the packaging and shipping for this painting which has already been stretched are beyond what Arte Maya can easily do, so it will be outsourced. Inquire as to cost. We can take the painting off the stretcher bars and mail it in a tube if you wish. That will cost much less.
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