Note: When I started working on the Biography section of this website, it quickly became apparent that I have a lot of biographical material, both written and in my head, on the artists that is not yet eady to post. For example, I have oral interviews some of which are have not been transcribed. Others have been transcibed but are not in digital form. This is going to be an ongoing project where I add biographical material as I have time to get it done.

Joseph Johnston

Artist Biographies
San Juan la Laguna

Diego Isaias
Hernández Mendez

Antonio C. Ixtamer

Victor Vasquez Temó

Antonio Vasquez Yojcom

Artist Biographies
San Juan Comalapa

Salvador Cúmez Curruchich

Rosa Elena Curruchich

Maria Elena Curruchiche

Margarito Chex Icú

Paula Nicho Cúmez

Antonio & Julian
Coché Mendoza