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Masked dances are a Maya tradition in Guatemala for the festival of each town. There are around thirty different dances performed in the Maya pueblos of Guatemala. Some of the dances such as the Baile de Venado [deer dance] have their roots in the pre-conquest Maya culture. The Dance of the Conquest, the most popular, tells the story of the last king of the Maya, Tecun Uman, and his defeat at the hands of the Spaniards. The fanciful costumes are rented from morerias, a one or two day walk for the Tz'utuhiles.
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1a. Lorenzo Gonzalez Chavajay: Palo volador, San Juan la Laguna (Pole flyer, San Juan la Laguna), 1994, 24" x 25". cat. LGCH-081
1b. Victor Vasquez Temó: Quema del torito (Burning of the little bull), 1995, 22" x 25". cat. VIC-045
1c. Pedro Rafael Gonzalez Chavajay: Las huellas de ayer y de hoy (The footsteps of yesterday and today), left panel of three,  2004, 13" x 15". cat. PR-130
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2a. Lorenzo Gonzalez Chavajay: Baile mascarado, San Pedro la Laguna (Masked dance, San Pedro la Laguna), 1992, 25" x 26". cat. LGCH-030
2b. Maria Teodora Mendez de Gonzalez: Baile de venado (Deer dance), 1992, 13" x 15". cat. MT-01
2c. Mariano Gonzalez Chavajay: Baile de Naguál (Dance of the animal spirits), 1992, 37" x 52". cat. MAR-015
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3a. Jose Antonio Gonzalez Escobar: Palo volador (Pole flyer), 2001, 11" x 9". cat. JAN-002
3b. Jose Antonio Gonzalez Chavajay: Baile de Conquista (Dance of the Conquest), 2000, 20" x 24". cat. JG-002
3c. Jose Antonio Gonzalez Chavajay: Quema del torito (Burning of the little bull),  2000, 20" x 24". cat. JG-003
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4a. Matias Gonzalez Chavajay: Palo volador (Pole flyer), 1990, 28" x 19". cat. MAT-008
4b. Matias Gonzalez Chavajay: Baile de Conquista, Sololá (Dance of the Conquest, Sololá), 1990, 20" x 16". cat. MAT-006
4c. Pedro Rafael Gonzalez Chavajay: Quena del Torito, Chichicastenango (Burning of the little bull), 2001, 11" x 9". cat. PR-108
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