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Since ancient times corn [maize] is the most important Maya food and thus the god of maize is the most important of the Maya gods. Unlike English there are three different names for corn. The green plants of corn and green ears of corn are called elote; dried corn is called mazorca. Each kernel of corn is considered sacred to the Maya and not to be wasted, because it not only contains the power to sustain man but also represents the cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth.
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1a. Pedro Rafael Gonzalez Chavajay: Hombres de Maiz (Men of corn), 2000, 20" x 24". cat. PR-099
1b. Diego Isaias Henandez Mendez: Costumbre del Día de los Santos (Customs of All Saints Day), 2001, 9" x 11". cat. ISA-081
1c. Mariano Gonzalez Chavajay: Bendición de semillas de mazorca (Blessing of kernels of corn), 1992, 28" x 38". cat. MAR-016
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2a. Mariano Gonzalez Chavajay: Agosto (August), 2001, 20" x 24". cat. MAR-040
2b. Mario Gonzalez Chavajay: Perezosos (Lazy), 2003, 13" x 15". cat. MRO-202
2c. Diego Isaias Henandez Mendez: No respeto vienes santo (He didn't respect Good Friday), 2001, 8" x 10.5". cat. ISA-062
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3a. Diego Isaias Henandez Mendez: Tradiciones del pueblo maya (Traditions of the Maya people), 2003, 16" x 20". cat. ISA-131
3b. Diego Isaias Henandez Mendez: Despues de una fiesta (After a celebration), 2004, 13" x 15". cat. ISA-164
3c. Pedro Rafael Gonzalez Chavajay: El pan nuestro (Our own bread), 1993, 16" x 20". cat. PR-022
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4a. Mario Gonzalez Chavajay: Adoración de maiz (Blessing of the corn), 2001, 9" x 11". cat. MRO-075
4b. Mario Gonzalez Chavajay: Tortillera (Tortilla maker), 2000, 9" x 11". cat. MRO-029
4c. Lorenzo Gonzalez Chavajay: Desgranando maiz (Removing the kernels from the ear), 1992, 9" x 12". cat. LGCH-040
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5a. Pedro Rafael Gonzalez Chavajay: Presentación de cuatro clases de Maiz (Presenting the four types of corn), 2000, 11" x 9". cat. PR-096
5b. Mariano Gonzalez Chavajay: Bendición de milpa (Blessing of corn), 1991, 11" x 9". cat. MAR-006
5c. Mario Gonzalez Chavajay: Hombres de azadon (Men of the mattock), 2004, 15" x 13". cat. MRO-237
5d. Mario Gonzalez Chavajay: Hombres de maiz (Men of corn), 2004, 15" x 13". cat. MRO-233
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6a. Antonio C. Ixtamer: Anciano, tocando marimba (Elder playing the marimba), 1994, 32" x 23". cat. IXT-042
6b. Domingo Garcia Criado: Esta cosechando (Harvesting), 1998, 32" x 25". cat. DOM-011
6c. Domingo Garcia Criado: Tejiendo (Weaving), 2000, 20" x 16". cat. DOM-021
6d. Mario Gonzalez Chavajay: El pan de cada día (The daily bread), 2003, 11" x 9". cat. MRO-178
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7a. Diego Isaias Henandez Mendez: Cortando elotes (Cutting down the corn), 1999, 10" x 10". cat. ISA-023
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