October 27, 2009 Special Minnesota Wisconsin Issue

Cynthy Johnson has been working for the past several months arranging for a exhibition of the paintings of Lorenzo Cruz Sunu, a Tz'utuhil Maya artist from San Pedro la Laguna. Lorenzo's brother Pedro Cruz Sunu, who for the past several years has been promoting the art of Lorenzo and other Tz'utuhil Maya artists, is coming to the Saint Paul Minnesota area to talk about the paintings and how they represent traditional Maya culture and traditions. Pedro Cruz is one of the people from San Pedro who can best convey their culture and traditions in words. I know this is short notice, but I hope that some of you in the area may be able to meet Pedro Cruz and see the paintings.


Joseph Johnston
  Exhibit of Mayan Art by Lorenzo Cruz

October 30 through December 31
Reception and Special Presentation, Oct. 30 , 7 pm.

Ss. Martha & Mary Episcopal Church in Eagan will host the presentation showcasing indigenous talent. This will acquaint the community with the stories and art of this spiritually rich and vibrant area of Guatemala.

Tucked in the highlands of Guatemala, several communities of Indian artists produce oil paintings that reflect Mayan life. Lorenzo Cruz paints to communicate the spiritual and cultural traditions of his village and create a bridge from his culture that reaches out to other people. A collection of these beautiful and inspiring paintings will be on exhibit in Eagan on October 30, 2009, starting at 5:30pm, followed by a reception. Proceeds from sales of the paintings will support Cruz's rural village and help build a medical clinic. The event is free and open to the public. Donations gratefully accepted.

Ss. Martha & Mary Episcopal Church
4180 Lexington Ave. at Diffley Ave., Eagan, MN 55123