Agelika Bauer Portfolio Images de Santiago Atitlán

First edition of a rare portfolio of images by German artist Agelika Bauer.
The first edition consisted of 500 copies printed in Guatemala in 1983.
Eight plates
Size 18" x 12"
Two sided text page in both English and Spanish by Luis Lujan Muñoz.


Plate 1:
Plate 2:
Plate 4:
Nymph of the Lake
Plate 6:
Plate 3: Corn Plate 5:
Ancient Guipil of Santiago Atitlán
Plate 7:
Mottled Shirt from Santiago Atitlán
Plate 8:
Embroidery from Santiago Atitlán


Plate 1: Avocado

Text for the Avocado from the portfolio:

One of the fruits that is more linked to the feeding habits and history of Guatemala is the avocado (Persea Gratissima or Persea Americana) , of which there exist various species bon both hot and cool climates in the whole country. Moreover, the name by which it is known in Spanish of of Indian-Nahua origin. Its aspect, with its characteristic hard core, seems as if wanting to hide the surprise of its soft, light green pulp of exquisite flavor, eaten alone, with other foods or macerated and combined with other ingredients to prepare the guacamole, a viand enthusiastically consumed by the Guatemalan and that has now become a part of the International Cuisine.

The avocado tree, of regular height and very leafy, can be found in orchards and gardens of many places in Guatemala, particularly famous are those of the regions of Atitlán and Antigua which have been used as stumps to create new species out of our frontiers.

The illustration shows how the inhabitant of Lake Atitlán harvest it to take it to the local and regional markets, this activity being an important part of his everyday life.


Biographies copied from the portfolio:

Angelika Bauer

The artist, Angelika Bauer, was born in Düsseldorf, Federal Republic of Germany, in 1952. From 1968 to 1971, she was an apprentice in an advertising agency while she was taking courses in the Art Academy in Düsseldorf. In addition to her professional work as a Graphic Designer in the Federal Republic of Germany, Bauer has maintained a profound affection for Lake Atitlán and in particular for the town of Santiago Atitlán. Testimony of her prolonged stays in this exceptional site–the first one from May 1977 to March 1978, and the second one from August 1981 to September 1982–are found in these delicate and beautiful masterpieces that constitute this portfolio, in which aspects of the environment and the life of the inhabitants of Santiago Atitlán are faithfully and beautifully rendered, as well as aspects of the aesthetic sensibility of Angelika Bauer.

Luis Luján Muñoz
(English & Spanish text)

A great connoisseur of Guatemalan Culture, Luis Luján Muñoz completed his studies at the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala where he earned a Doctorate in History. He specialized in Archaeology at the Escuela Nacional de Antropología e Historia de México. He has been a University Instructor for more than 25 years and has published numerous essays, books, and articles about History, Archaeology, and Folklore. He was Director of the Instituto de Antropología e Historia de Guatemala for over 10 years, and he is a fellow of the Academia de Geografía e Historia de Guatemala of which he was the president.