. Limited edition silk screen on paper
Published by Pocohontas Press, Chicago
1941, 16"h. x 13"w. 
Eight separately printed colors
  Hueyapan of the State of Puebla
  Hueyapan is situated on the Sierra de Puebla, in the Totonac-Mexican region. The inspiration for the dress of these villagers springs from the same source as that of the other inhabitants of this area which extends from the north of the state of Puebla towards Veracruz over the Totonac region to the states of Tlaxcala, Hidalgo and San Luis Potosí and reaches into the Otomí country.

This affinity is best observed by the skillful and beautiful stylized floral decorations on the costumes made by the women of this part of the Sierra. The designs in cross-stitch, consisting of imaginary flowers, birds and animals, stand out on black backgrounds. It is interesting to observe, however, that in spite of the common gift of imagination and fantasy that joins all tribes of the Sierra de Puebla from the Totonacs to the Otomí into one cultural community, there is, nevertheless, a distinct individuality in the costume of the peoples of each locality .

The dress of the Hueyapan woman, shown in Plate 8, is a loose black blouse, elaborately ornamented, nearly always in colors of red, blue, green and yellow; a straight skirt, usually heavily pleated in front and a woolen rebozo—wide and heavy and lavishly decorated in the manner of the blouse. Both ends of the rebozo are trimmed with tassels of various colored yarn. As the climate is cold, generally all apparel is made of wool. In some instances the lower part of the skirt is decorated in patterns and colors to harmonize with other parts of the costume. The decorative effect of this attire is both striking and beautiful.

Although shoes are sometimes worn, preferably black, this tribe usually goes barefooted.

Carlos Merida

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