. Limited edition silk screen on paper
Published by Pocohontas Press, Chicago
1941, 16"h. x 13"w. 
Thirteen separately printed colors
  Triques of the State of Oaxaca
  Oaxaca abounds in costumes of uncommon beauty. Although the actual number of tribes inhabiting this state is small there is much variety in dress. The Triques, a tribe of barely three thousand, seem not to have been influenced by their more numerous neighbors of the Mixtec country; nevertheless, one finds traces of Chinantec and Mazatec styles in their long huipils, in their pleated skirts and in their choice of colors.

Plate 19 shows the ample Trique huipil of white homespun cloth trimmed with red, the color most used. A wide band of embroidery at the yoke is repeated in narrower horizontal bands at intervals the entire length of the long garment. Vertical bands of decoration follow the side seams. The designs used are of a completely abstract geometric nature. The skirts are usually white though sometimes colors are chosen.

Trique women are much given to necklaces of various colors. Quite often they wear on their heads, in the manner of a helmet, half a gourd (jícara) lacquered a shiny black and decorated with designs in white. These women always walk barefooted. 

Carlos Merida

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