2012 Arte Maya Calendar
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Arte Maya 2012 Calendar
Paintings by Maya Village Artists
En Español & in English
With complete Maya calendar and day glyphs for every day of the year/ con calendario Maya completo y glifos mayas por cada día del año.
10.75" x 13.75" (image size about 10.25" x 13.25 ")
. Along with the painting, there is a photograph of each artist, a short biography of the artist, and a description of the painting and it's meaning. The biography and description are in both English and Spanish.
. The inside cover of the  2012 Calendar explains how the Maya calendar works and the meaning of 2012.This is the sixth year that the calendar includes the Maya day and month glyphs for each day of the year. The example pictured above are the glyphs for July 27, 2006. A section at the beginning of the calendar gives an overview of the Maya calendar and the glyphs.


The artists included in the 2012 calendar are (in order): Vicenta Puzul de Gonzalez, Lorenzo Gonzalez Chavajay, Maria Teodora Mendez, Pedro Rafael Gonzalez Chavajay, Juan Fermin Gonzalez Morales, Julian Coche Mendoza, Margarito Chex Icú, Paula Nicho Cumez, Emilio Gonzalez Morales, Diego Isaias Hernandez Mendez, Mario Gonzalez Chavajay,  Matias Gonzalez Chavajay.

Box 50: $236 postpaid to Canada — ($4.00 per calendar/ $200+ $36 shipping) 
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Box 12: $97.95 postpaid in US — ($7.25 per calendar / $87 + $10.95 shipping)

  Boxes of 50 are double boxed for protection. Delivery time: within two weeks.
Boxes of 21 or 12 are mailed in large USPS priority Mail flat rate boxes.
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