. Limited edition silk screen on paper
Published by Pocohontas Press, Chicago
1941, 16"h. x 13"w. 
Thirteen separately printed colors
  0zumazins of the State of Oaxaca
  Ozumazin, the most fertile area in the state of Oaxaca, lies in the heart of the Chinantec country in dense forests, a day's journey from the Valle Nacional. The dress of the Ozumazin Indians partakes freely of the characteristics and features of the Chinantec costume (see Plate 14).

Like that of the Chinantecs, the Ozumazin huipil is full, long and of the usual three-strip cut. It is paradoxical that the decoration of the huipil of each locality differs greatly from that of immediately neighboring towns but is similar to that of more Iremote communities. For example, Ozumazin huipiles are much like the ones of Usila, but differ fundamentally from those of the Valle Nacional. Though the huipil lacks the wealth of color and design of those of Chiltepec, there is beauty in its simplicity. The decoration consists of fine embroidry, concentrated around the collar, the central and lateral parts carrying less intricate ornament. The full skirt, pleated in front, is usually red.

The headdress of each group of people in Oaxaca is distinctive but the most common mode is the rodete. The women usually go barefooted. As shown in Plate 15, children dress much like their parents.

Ozumazin men are clad plainly in white cotton shirts and trousers. In place of hats they wear red or other colored kerchiefs wrapped around their heads like turbans.

Carlos Merida

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