. Limited edition silk screen on paper
Published by Pocohontas Press, Chicago
1941, 16"h. x 13"w. 
Twelve separately printed colors
  Mazatecs of the State of Oaxaca
  The Mazatecs of the state of Oaxaca derive their name from one of the important regional centers, Mazatlan (not to be confused with the Sinaloan port of the same name). Their costume is similar to that of their neighbors the Chinantecs already discussed in the text to Plate 14.

The front and back of the huipil are lavishly em- broidered in free, curved motifs representing formalized animals and birds, particularly the eagle, the I ancient emblem of Huatla the town which is the source of Plate 17. The embroidery is worked on a white background in different -hues of red and in black. In ancient times the Mazatec huipiles were colored a rich, permanent purple with dye made from a snail shell found on the Pacific coast.

The women comb their hair with pixtle as do their neighbors the Yalaltecs

Carlos Merida

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