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When the price is good, coffee is the crop which provides a Maya family with most of their cash income for the year. Unfortunately for the Maya, southeast Asia has been producing cheaper (and I hear, inferior coffee) so that the price in Central America has at times fallen well below what it costs to grow and pick it. When considering that Guatemala coffee in the US costs at least six dollars a pound, it is outrageous that twenty cents a pound can't go to the people who tend and pick the coffee. The plants have to be grown for about seven years before they begin bearing fruit.
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Painting: Corte de Cafe


PaintingPainting: Corte de Cafe






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1a. Vicenta Puzul de Gonzalez: Corte de café (Picking coffee), 1990, 13" x 16". cat. PUZ-005
1b. Diego Isaias Hernandez Mendez: Accidente, 2001, 9" x 11". cat. ISA-082
1c. Victor Vasquez Temó: Corte de café (Picking coffee), 1993, 25" x 37". cat. VIC-021
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2a. Matias Gonzalez Chavajay: Cortando café, Atitlán (Picking coffee, Santiago Atitlán), 1988, 20" x 24". cat. MAT-002
2b. Diego Isaias Hernandez Mendez: Un descuido (A carelessness), 2002, 9" x 11". cat. ISA-100
2c. Victor Vasquez Temó: Corte de café (Picking coffee), 1992, 18" x 31". cat. VIC-008
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3a. Diego Isaias Hernandez Mendez: Borrachito en el camino (A little drunk in the road), 2001, 9" x 11". cat. ISA-058
3b. Mario Gonzalez Chavajay: Robando café (Stealing coffee ), 1993, 16" x 20". cat. MRO-206
3c. Mariano Gonzalez Chavajay: La cuadrilla (The work group), 1990, 37" x 52". cat. MAR-004
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4a. Pedro Rafael Gonzalez Chavajay: Tz'utujiles (Tz'utuhil Mayas), 2003, 11" x 13". cat. PR-140
4b. Lorenzo Gonzalez Chavajay: Canasta de café (Basket of coffee berries), 1992, 12" x 12". cat. LGCH-034
4c. Mariano Gonzalez Chavajay: Campesinos, Atitlán (Farmer workers, Santiago Atitlán), 1992, 37" x 50". cat. MAR-018
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5a. Pedro Rafael Gonzalez Chavajay: Café (Coffee),  1991, 20" x 16". cat. PR-005
5b. Lorenzo Gonzalez Chavajay: Cortando café con volcan (Picking coffe with a volcano), 1991, 13" x 11". cat. LGCH-011
5c. Domingo Garcia Criado Cortando Café (Picking Coffee), 2001, 20"h. x 16"w. cat.DOM-020
5d. Pedro Rafael Gonzalez Chavajay: Café (Coffee), 2002, 11" x 9". cat. PR-119
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