J W Johnston • Photography



The death of her husband, Peter, left Judy Berg living alone in their house in the Noe Valley neighborhood of San Francisco. Shortly after Peter’s death, their daughter Ocean Berg decided to separate from her husband Marc, and moved out of their San Francisco flat. Ocean and Marc share custody of their two daughters, Flo (fourteen) and Stelli (ten), who live with each parent on alternate weeks. At first Ocean moved to Pacifica, but balancing work while getting her daughters to school and classes in San Francisco was difficult. In the current housing market, Ocean could not easily afford housing in San Francisco. Judy and Ocean decided the best solution might be for Ocean to move back in with Judy, the house where Ocean grew up thirty years ago.


Judy and Ocean want to reconfigure, in several stages, the house upstairs, the offices of a non-profit that are on the lower level, and the garage. One idea was to move the offices to the garage and build an apartment for Judy downstairs. Ocean and her daughters moved in, however, with few big changes. Progress on remodeling the house remains at the stage of obtaining permits.  Meanwhile, both Judy and Ocean make adjustments.


San Francisco, autumn, 2014