J W Johnston • Photography


18 -18


For now Francisco continues to paint, plant flowers on the street, and take care of the dogs. His paintings are getting more accomplished. He paints almost daily, and that keeps him occupied and out of trouble. After a few days staying home, he will disappear for a whole day, often with one or two of the dogs, and arrive home late at night.


Although he is trying to stay away from using meth, he had a relapse last week. The voices returned making him crazy until his doctor prescribed an anti-psychotic. I still have hope that he will be able to stop his use of this drug, but sometimes I despair. I do not know what the future holds for us. I know that if he loses my support, he will fail. Without a doubt, there will be more ups and downs. I am just hoping he can stay off meth and keep his addictions under control so that he does end up on the street or dead.