J W Johnston • Photography


9 -18


I came home to find Francisco sleeping off a hangover. The dogs had torn apart a roll of toilet paper before also falling asleep beside him. We told Francisco to stay away from the house when he is drinking but he still  often comes home completely drunk. Unless he immediately goes to bed, an argument always erupts where he says the most hurtful things he can think of. I often retreat to my office and lock the door.


At times he hides beer cans around the house. One time I saw a bottle of Coke in a cabinet where I only keep pots and pans and I suspected something. It was laced with vodka. A sure sign that he is drinking is when he becomes increasing belligerent. We then search for his hiding place and pour the alcohol out hopefully before he becomes really nasty. At his worst Francisco drank to excess several times a week. After completing a mandatory six month program, he cut down on the quantity and frequency of his drinking. He finally admitted that he has an alcohol problem but he still does not believe he needs to abstain completely. When he is drunk, he makes our life a hell. Even the dogs, who normally love him, sometimes cower in fear.