J W Johnston • Photography


10 -18


After the birth of Cora’s puppies, Cora and Luna who had always been loving to each other, became enemies and had to be kept completely separate. On two occasions, which Francisco blames on his meth use, Francisco left the door open and they got into a serious dogfight. Francisco, who loves the dogs above almost everything, jumped in trying to pry the one of dog’s mouth open with his hands and get them separated. Francisco’s finger was seriously lacerated. He refused to get it looked at for several days. When we got him to the emergency room, they immediately admitted him. He stayed for two days, but then against his doctors’ advice insisted on returning home. He soaked his finger hoping he would not have to return to the hospital. The finger, however, had gotten seriously infected. It took us two days to convince him to return. He spent more than two weeks in the hospital.


When Francisco is injured, he often strongly resists going to the hospital. More than once I have had to physically drag Francisco the twelve blocks to San Francisco General.